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Our site is a wealth of information about removal and deportation procedures and remedies. This helps our clients and the general public understand what they are up against when the United States Government is seeking to deport them to their country of origin; and in turn, what potential deportees can do to combat the Government and remain with their families. Please feel free to browse our site.

- Services: Here you will find a short description of some of the many services we offer to clients. Some or none of these services may be available to clients depending on the status of their individual case.

- Resources: Many visitors find this section of the website most useful. We have compiled a list of very useful links including a flow chart which shows the steps of the removal and deportation process as well as guides to fighting removal. It is important to be educated when fighting for your right to remain in the United States; this section will help get you up to speed on the law and procedure in immigration proceedings.

- Cases: This section of our site is updated weekly with Federal case law which affects the legal landscape in immigration law.

- Links: We hope that you and your family find these links useful, the website links in this section will direct you to websites with in depth information about detention, deportation, breaking immigrations news, and government contacts.

- Background: A short biography of who you will be dealing with if you retain our firm for services. I look forward to speaking with you!

- Success: Navigate to our success page to view information about the depth and breadth of the Latimore Law Firm's experience as well as interesting or unique cases we have won for our clients over the years.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to help people. If an immigration judge has found that you are properly removable or deportable from the United States we can help you. If you have been convicted of a crime and the Department of Homeland Security is attempting to have you deported then we can help you.  If you overstayed your visa, are here illegally, or were deported but you are looking to return to the U.S., then we can help you. 

We practice mainly in the areas of Immigration appeals in front of the Board of Immigration Appeals, United States Courts of Appeals, and defending people appearing before Immigration Judges who have been convicted of crimes or who have immigration law violations, and who the government is seeking to have deported.  We also now are aiding aliens who have been deported file waivers to return to the United States and their families, as quickly as possible.  

About Us

At Latimore Esq. LLC we understand that many people who the government seeks to have deported have lived in the United States since a very young age, and often don't know anyone in their "home" country, and may not even know the language! We are a family run, family staffed, family owned business; we want you to be able to remain in the United States with your wife, children, parents, brothers, and sisters. We only accept a limited number of cases per month, no more than three, in the limited area of deportation defense, so we have the time and focus to put everything into your case. 

The most common compliment we receive from our clients is that they have never had a previous attorney spend so much time on their case, or had an attorney who took their phone calls and was so easy to get a hold of.  

Why you need an attorney

The Washington Post printed a story this year titled “Battling Deportation Often a Solitary Journey: Without Legal Assistance, Thousands Are Expelled Unfairly, Critics of System Say.  This story looks at the difficulties facing the many immigrants in removal proceedings who lack an attorney. As the story observes:

In immigration courts, there are judges and prosecutors, evidence and witnesses. The consequences can be great: banishment, separation from family, perhaps persecution at home. But unlike in criminal courts, the government does not provide free lawyers for the poor. And in what court officials deem a great concern, a growing number of people in immigration court have no legal counsel: Of more than 314,000 people whose cases ran their course in fiscal 2005, two-thirds went through on their own, or pro se.

The article goes on to cite evidence that those who represent themselves in court suffer far lower chances of success than those who have counsel:
            “According to the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, government data show that 34 percent of all non-detained immigrants with attorneys won their cases in     fiscal 2003, compared with 23 percent without. Of non-detained asylum seekers, 39 percent with attorneys won their cases; that figure was 14 percent of those    without attorneys.”
That is an increase in you or your loved one’s chance of remaining in the United States by 68-279%

Non-Citizens also face other hurdles when appearing without an attorney in Immigration Court:
            “Pro se detainees sometimes file motions modeled on boilerplates that are passed around detention centers. Lawyers say other people have good cases but flounder in court, not knowing when to object or what evidence to prepare.”

Click here for the full story.


Contact Information

We represent clients in all Immigration Courts, all Federal Circuit Courts, and before the Board of Immigration Appeals. For many immigration related matters appearing before a Judge is not required, however we travel to all parts of the United States when necessary.


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